Shop 1

400 sq. ft

Shop 2

400 sq. ft

Shop 3

400 sq. ft

Solar Panels

Converted into Micro cold Storage

Electric Station Charging Station 1

Micro Cold Storage

1200 sq. ft

Electric Station Charging Station 2

Proprietary solution for last mile storage at the point of consumption 

Ideal for last mile delivery apps and modern supermarkets to store perishable products right next to place of consumption thereby reducing cost of storage, transportation and maintaining highest standards of food safety

Zepto, Blinkit and Dunzo will now deliver all your beverages cold and food products at cool temperature

Last Mile Storage solution at Point of Consumption

Energy Efficient by 40% v/s Conventional Storage

Electric Charging Stations Enabled

Ideal for Last Mile Delivery Apps like Blinkit, Dunzo and Zepto

Lease in and Lease out Model. Asset Light Model